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      The 2 founders are colleagues and friends for more than 19 years. These two video game and new technology enthusiasts have made their mark at Visual Impact, a video game creation company. They have released more than 40 video game titles, including major IP (some of them are "million seller") on all type of consoles.

Rayman and the raving rabbids, Harry Potter and the Order of the phoenix, Burnout Legends, Tony Hawk Downhill Jam, SSX...

      They carried out more than 150 projects for major accounts, more than half of them in Virtual Reality. During this period, they won numerous awards, including the Grand Jury Prize at Laval Virtual 2018 for Journey to the Heart of Evolution.

       With all this experience and dreams in their heads, they decided to launch Virtuallyz Gaming with the same guideline of player satisfaction and innovative quality experiences above all.



Co-founder / Technical Director

LEVEQUE Aurélien

Programmer since always, first lines of code on Amstrad CPC 6128 at the age of 10, developer of formation and holder of a DESS, Aurélien works during 10 years at Visual Impact Production as a developer. He participated in many projects on all types of consoles. In 2012, Aurélien joined Manzalab, as Technical Director, he recruited and managed the team of developers until 2016, when he set up with Martin the subsidiary Manzavision where he manages the production of innovative VR / AR contents.


Co-founder / Artistic Director


Passionate about images since his first console at the age of 5, Martin trained all his teenage years on 3D software in a self-taught way. He graduated in 2003 with a Master's degree from ISART Digital, the video game and 3D animation school. For 10 years, he managed the graphic production of Visual Impact Productions, a company that creates video games on all types of media. He joined Manzalab in 2013 and took the position of Technical Artistic Director. In 2016, he and Aurélien set up Manzavision, a subsidiary of the Manzalab group, and carried out numerous projects in VR, AR or XR.


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